Summer Solstice


Summer is finally here! We all need to take this time to celebrate the sun. It not only nourishes us, but it provides us with light and warmth. The sun is essential to life as we know it. Without it, we would not be here.

So how can we celebrate it?

1.) Reflect

This is a perfect opportunity to work on self-reflection to heighten awareness and transform into the best version of yourself. Ask serious questions like "Am I living my truest form of self?", "Am I having more negative thoughts than positive thoughts?". These types of questions can lead you down a rabbit hole that well....may be scary. It doesn't have to be though. Grab some helpful tools (more on this in a later blog) and get to work.

2.) Refresh

The summer solstice is a celebration of nature, so why not go out in it? Visit a beach, lake, or just be near some water (no matter how small). Go on a walk in the woods, or near greenery. Move your body, let the stagnant energy flow, replenish with positivity. Don't forget to be present. Sometimes being present can just mean slowing down wherever you go. Look around, breathe in deeply, fully embrace where you are and who you are with. 

3.) Create

Draw, doodle, paint, color, all of these things can help get your creativity flowing. Close your eyes, imagine a scene where you're the happiest. Capture that scene in your head and draw it. Refer back to that drawing when you need it most. Redecorate your space. Little things make big differences. Colors, materials, plants, pictures, these are all things that can change your space dramatically on a budget. Get inspired, watch a TED talk, listen to a podcast. Who do you admire the most? Watch some of their interviews, or read about them. This type of inspiration can spark a huge creative flame inside of you. 

4.) Play

Yes, we literally mean play. When is the last time you felt like a kid? Allow yourself to be silly, and explore the world through your inner child's eyes for a day. Go to a playground and slide down a slide, swing on a swingset. Dance to your favorite song. Draw on the concrete with chalk. Jump in some rain puddles. Build a sandcastle. Play a sport. Throw a ball for your dog. Jump on a trampoline. Get ice cream. Rollerblade, bike ride, all of these things are so important to your well-being.


The summer solstice is a time for movement and change. Love yourself, spoil yourself, and do everything that makes you happy. You deserve it.

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