Summer Collection

Our summer collection is here!
- The Dead Sea
- Bermuda Triangle
- The Black Pearl
Leave it to us to keep it spooky all year longÂ đŸ‘»
Don't be fooled though, there are some real tropical vibes inside of these!
This is our first colored Bath Brews that include blues and black. Sometimes with vibrant and deep colors, they have a higher probability of leaving color behind in the tub. SO CLEAN YOUR TUBS REGULARLY (not saying you don't already do this) but we'll explore this more in depth in a future blog post. Anyways, enjoy the summer sun, and take lots of baths!
There is officially 129 days left until Halloween from the time this was written (6/24/21). So that means its time that we jump back into our little studio and get to work on some fall/Halloween products! 🎃
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