Store Closing

Hello everyone!


What's going on?

As you may have already seen from our latest product release post, we will be closing our store for a short time. The main reason behind this closure is that we are relocating our studio from Connecticut to Salem, MA! As you can imagine EVERYTHING needs to be packed up. Unfortunately this means there will be no way for us to process orders and create products. Our move will happen a few days before Halloween (our favorite holiday!). We have a new location picked out and are just waiting on a few small details to be worked out before moving into it. Moving into a new studio also means moving into a new house for us (the owners). So it will be double the unpacking! As of right now the store has a limited supply of stock left. We are clearing out our stock room of items. Grab what you need now until 10/23. The store will close at 12am on 10/23 and the last shipments will be sent out that morning. 

What's next?

Soooo along with our studio we are planning on opening a brick and mortar store in the heart of Salem. We are in the planning process for that as we speak. Before that, we will need to establish our roots in the area and open our online shop again. We are expecting the online shop to be open sometime around the first week of November. We have some great creations ready for the holidays and are planning on making up for lost time! This is our next big step into the future of Wolf Moon and are looking foward to meeting you all in person one day!

Everyone have a safe, fun, and spooky Halloween! Watch lots of horror movies and eat all the candy!







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