New Tarot Soaps!!

The day has finally come! We are happy to introduce our new tarot inspired foaming hand soaps. Each soap comes with its own handmade tarot card label, and a unique fragrance to match. The way these soaps are made are identical to the last version of our foaming hand soaps, same great feel and experience. You'll notice a new bottle style and color. The size of the bottle is almost double the size of our previous soaps (yay for more product!). The color allows us to keep a bold look without having to add unnecessary dyes to the water in order to achieve the same effect (not that they were bad for you but we wanted to keep this cleansing experience as pure as possible). Part of our mission here is to cut out all of the synthetic ingredients and keep everything as natural as can be. This includes not allowing any ingredients to be in our products that either come from animals or are tested on animals. Another thing you might notice in this update is our new back labels (our old soaps never even had a back label). Not only does this allow customers to fully understand the product, but it allows us to sell these products directly in stores now (yay for barcodes!!). Not to mention they help track inventory...but that's probably the least of your concerns 😂 Anyways, this is an exciting new update and a step in the right direction on how we want our products to look and feel. Although there are only 3 releases this round, we have plenty of more foaming hand soaps being created as we speak. Hand making tarot card labels is a full time job!

Thanks for following our journey through this process, we hope you enjoy what we've been creating! Until next time.


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