This past year we have been hard at work transitioning Wolf Moon closer to the next stage in its journey. We have a new venture that allows our products to be in other amazing stores across the US. We are currently in exactly 70 stores at the time of writing this. With this, we found that the demand for our products was far too much to keep up with. Because of this, you may have noticed slower turnaround times for shipping and restocking the past few months. At one point we were backed up on orders for almost 2 months. This is a great problem to have in our world, however, we needed a solution to fix this. Part of that solution was to leave our little studio space and move into a large commercial warehouse. This new space will allow us to create in larger volumes and develop future product concepts without restrictions. The move is finished and now it’s all about building and getting equipment in that will help support our new style of production. Don’t worry, we’re still a handmade business and will be for the foreseeable future. As we get settled into our new space we will provide updates on what we’re up to and product availability dates. Thanks for making this possible! 🐾🌙
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