A look at February

Ahhh February...the month of love...(hopefully). To celebrate, we created a customizable heart shaped bath bomb to express how you feel. Don't have a bath? They're pretty cool to look at in the beautiful reusable glass jar!


So we wanted to take this time to write a blog post not only about our new Valentine's Day product, but what February will look like for our store. It's nice to be able to keep you guys in the loop with what we're up to!

So, for the past few months we have been developing lines of hand soaps (foaming and liquid) that will become our permanent soaps. We have received a large positive response to our past seasonal soaps and a growing demand to release more. We promise, we aren't ignoring your requests! There is a lot of time and energy that gets put into each product. We want to make sure that each product is tested in our personal homes to see how a customer would interact with them. We then go back and fix problems or improve on things such as ingredients or bottle shape/size. Without giving too much away, these soaps will look completely different but still have the same great feel (with some twists). Additionally, we have some other products we are developing that will be completely different than what we usually do. 

So what's our timeline?

Well...as much as we'd like to see into the future, it is hard to give an exact date for the hand soaps. The next to be launched will be the new foaming hand soaps. We are about 70% done with them and we are expecting them to be completely finished and launched by the end of this month. As the time gets closer, we will announce a specific date for the collection.


In the meantime, thank you to everyone who supports our business. Now back to the wolf den to create some magic 

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